Garton’s Ark provides a range of facilities and entertainment options ensuring that your experience with us is unparalleled.

Private Boat Hire in Sri Lanka

We offer the highest levels of guest comfort including air conditioning, on-board toilets and an open air terrace.






We offer various forms of entertainment to suit all occasions. Enjoy the soothing sounds of piped music and live acoustic bands or even a funky DJ spinning the latest tunes.

Satellite TV


We also have a screen with several satellite TV channels for your viewing pleasure, which is ideal to watch news, sports, entertainment and special events with your friends and family.

Interactive Restaurant


Dining at our restaurant is a lively, interactive experience, where you can wine and dine amid the action of the show kitchen and display bar. The kitchen serves Sri Lankan and international cuisines, with carefully thought-out menus and beautifully crafted and presented dishes and drinks.