About Garton’s Ark

About Garton’s Ark

Operating on the tranquil waters of the Diyawanna Oya (Parliament Lake) adjacent to the Urban Wetland Park in Nawala, Garton’s Ark is the largest sailing restaurant and leisure activity vessel in Sri Lanka.

Our Story

Managed by Garton’s Hotel (Pvt) Ltd, Garton’s Ark was designed and built by internationally acclaimed Neil Marine – pioneer boat builders in Sri Lanka that supply boats worldwide and are one of the largest boat companies in South East Asia.

Garton’s Ark was launched in November 2014 at the Urban Wetland Park, popularly known as ‘Weli Park’. It is the latest addition to the popular park in the heart of Colombo, which provides people a friendly setting to relax in the city.

Sailing Restaurant in Sri Lanka
The epitome of luxury and comfort

The epitome of luxury and comfort

Garton’s Ark is the epitome of luxury and comfort – the modernized double-decked vessel boasts luxurious interiors, cutting edge exteriors and eco-friendly designs. The lower deck holds a spacious fully air conditioned restaurant which can accommodate up to 64 persons with bright and sophisticated interior designs, creating an elegant, welcoming environment for restaurant patrons. With lovely panoramic views showcasing uninterrupted vistas of the lake and its surroundings, guests can enjoy their meals in style here.

The spacious open upper deck, which seats up to 30 guests, has a comfortable atmosphere with cocktail tables and lounge area and is perfect to enjoy a variety of soothing beverages and delectable snacks in the evening. Passengers aboard Garton’s Ark will be able to enjoy a river cruise that stretches over 5 km from Kirulapona to Nawala over the lotus-studded waterway of Diyawanna Oya, amidst birds and nature.


Safe, reliable and secure

Garton’s Ark is equipped to provide the best possible services for its patrons with great attention to detail with regard to preparation, storage and service of food and beverages as per Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) regulations. With the ability to operate in all – weather conditions, Garton’s Ark takes pride in its stringent security monitoring and safety features including CCTV, public announcement system facility, life vests and fire detection units.

Our vessel has undergone strict testing to ensure reliability, and is lake-worthy certified by a marine engineer. Our crew and staff have ample experience to handle all operations, and we have trained staff for life saving and fire fighting skills with on board equipment. In addition, a comprehensive insurance policy covers all aspects of the vessel’s operations.